Can Radiculopathic Symptoms Actually Increase After Significant Weight Loss?

Radiculopathic is a condition that can develop in the neck, shoulders, and arms after significant weight loss. The condition is caused by damage to the spinal cord or nerves.

Some people with Radiculopathic may experience pain, numbness, tingling, and difficulty moving their arms and hands. Radiculopathic can sometimes worsen after weight loss surgery. Must Buy Okinawa Belly Fat Tonic.

However, there is no evidence that losing weight causes Radiculopathic in the majority of cases. If you are diagnosed with Radiculopathic, there are many things you can do to help improve your symptoms.

Talk to a doctor about the condition and the treatments that may help. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy, medication, or other treatments.

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Radiculopathic symptoms

Because the nerves extending from the spinal cord travel to different parts of the body, people will experience different symptoms depending on which nerve root is compressed.

Cervical Radiculopathic: Cervical Radiculopathic occurs when a nerve root in the neck or upper back is compressed. Symptoms include Source:

  • Pain In The Neck, Shoulder, Upper Back, Or Arm
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Radiating Pain

Thoracic Radiculopathic: Thoracic Radiculopathic happens when nerve root compression or irritation occurs in the mid-back region. This is an uncommon condition that may be misdiagnosed as shingles, heart, abdominal, or gallbladder complications.

Symptoms associated with thoracic Radiculopathic include:

  • Burning Or Shooting Pain In The Rib, Side, Or Abdomen
  • Band-Like Pain
  • Numbness And Tingling

Lumbar Radiculopathic: A person may experience pain in the low back, legs, and hips when the nerve root compression or irritation occurs in the lower part of the back.

Lumbar Radiculopathic is also known as sciatica. Symptoms include pain and numbness in the low back, hips, buttock, leg, or foot, and they are usually made worse with long periods of sitting or walking.

In some cases, nerves affecting the bowel and bladder can become compressed, leading to bowel or bladder incontinence or loss of control.

Other generalized symptoms Source may include:

  • Sharp Pain Starting In The Back
  • Sharp Pain With Sitting Or Coughing
  • Numbness Or Weakness In The Leg And Foot
  • Numbness Or Tingling In The Back Or Leg
  • Sensation Or Reflex Changes, Hypersensitivity

Preventing Radiculopathic

Some strategies may prevent nerve compression pain. These include:

  • Maintaining Good Posture, Even When Driving
  • Proper Lifting Techniques
  • Performing Regular Physical Activity
  • Developing Core Strength
  • Maintaining A Moderate Weight
  • Stretching Regularly

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